EPEIOS Heal Smart Humidifier with APP Control

Sale price46.000 KD

1. Designed by famous designers from top-class luxury brands with aesthetics

2. Inspired by the water cycle in the natural world and water evaporates into steam

3. Adopting dual water processes of PTC heating element and ultrasonic technology to wrap your room in a clean and healthy environment.

4. Combined experience of 4 senses

Touch by comforting humidity

The PTC heating element  boils the water before ultrasonic vibration to ensure up to 99.99% antimicrobial rate of water.

Hear the soothing white noise

EPEIOS Heal comes with 8 carefully-chosen white noise in the device and more sound options in the app

See the gentle mood light

EPEIOS app comes with thousands of color options and lets you pick the color you love

Smell a full room of frangrance

Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the cotton, and let the aroma and ideal moisture fill your room

5. Three adjustable mist levels to set your desired humidity

Low Mist:the output is 100ml/h and up to 10h per full fill

Medium  Mist: the output is 150ml/h and up to 7h per full fill

High Mist:the output: 220ml/h and up to 5h per full fill

6. Infinite possibility and extending functions by EPEIOS Life App

7. ≤25dB for Tight Sleep

8. Super easy to clean for the water tank,  reservoir and other parts