Ice Towel Original

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Color: Green
  • Material: 100% Polyester Towel
  • COOLING & REUSABLE - The cooling towel is made of Polyester material. The cooling system uses moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your skin to and keep you cool.
  • MANY USES – The Polyester towel is perfect for athletes, runners, sports men and woman, gym and fitness enthusiasts. You can also use it as yoga towel, fitness towel, sports towel, gym towel or gold towel.
  • Ice Towel – light weight cooling towel (100cm by 30cm). To activate the cooling
    towel, you simply wet it, wring out the excess water and shake it 3 times like you are
    shaking sand out of a towel.
  • 4 x colours
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT - Each towel comes with a waterproof plastic container.
    Just soak the towel and keep it in the bottle, Let you feel cool at any time.
  • Cools Instantly When It Gets Wet.
    Simply Get It Wet, Wring Out Excess Water & Shake For 5-10 Seconds.
  • Lightweight & Durable.
    Perfect For Sports And Any Outdoor Activities.